Emergency Dentist in Mooresville

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Facing a dental emergency can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, and it may be stressful finding quality care right away. Fortunately with the help of our emergency dentist in Mooresville at the office of Dr. Jennifer Loveland you can rest assured you’re in the best hands of care in case of a dental emergency. We prioritize your urgent call and will promptly get you in for an emergency visit . Our compassionate team of professionals strives to help you start feeling better as soon as we receive your emergency call.

If you have a toothache, if you’ve injured your tooth in an accident or if you’ve broken your dental prosthesis, we urge you to call our office right away. These are just a few examples of how a dental emergency can come about, and each scenario requires you to act fast. A toothache may be characterized by a variety of unpleasant sensations, and may be accompanied by fever or swelling. Our emergency dentist in Mooresville will accurately determine the source of your discomfort and then deliver precise, gentle care to alleviate your toothache and resolve the underlying problem. A dental injury, such as fracturing your tooth on a hard piece of food or knocking a tooth out in a sports-related accident also requires immediate care. If your tooth is injured, calling our office is the fastest way to get much needed relief and can make the difference between saving and losing the tooth. It’s important to note that a dental emergency isn’t always painful, but can affect your life in other ways. When you break your denture, bridge or loosen a dental crown, we don’t want you to feel embarrassed about gaps in your smile or struggle to eat and speak. We will  repair or replace your prosthesis without delay so that you can get back to your daily routine.

At the office of Dr. Jennifer Loveland our goal is to make your dental emergency easier to manage. Our emergency dentist in Mooresville and caring professional staff will expedite the process of getting you the care you need. To learn more about how to be prepared in case of a dental emergency, call today.

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